Sunday, 1 March 2009

UPDATE: New Project and developing news on an exisitng ones

So, the first bit of news is that there is a new, exciting project on the horizon. I cannot go into plot details without giving too much away, but its working title is The Animator and it is by an a friend of mine, Kate Plummer. The concept is one of the most original ideas I have heard in a long time and she has agreed that upon its completion I am free to produce it. The script deadline she set herself is 1st April, so more details on how it reads as a screenplay will be coming soon.

On the project formerly known as Who Killed Randall?, I am meeting the director Benedict Sampays in Birmingham tomorrow evening to discuss final script revision and to see a draft of the first 60 pages. Again, more details to come.

Finally, the series of short films known as Sins of London starts filming this Thursday. I will be heading down to London Wednesday to get ready for the 12 days of early starts and late nights that will obviously come from such a short shoot. It will be exciting but very very hard work. I will try and add things on here about it when I get a moment.

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