Tuesday, 14 February 2012

'Womble' Screening

On Saturday 4th February we finally got a chance to show our new short comedy 'Womble' to cast, crew and friends.

The event was held at The Roxy Bar and Screen in Borough and an unexpectedly huge turn out of over 80 people braved the cold to come and see the movie.

Director Robert Pirouet, Exec Producer Edel Kavanagh and myself showed up an hour early to make sure the film would play without a hitch. But alas,, even five full run throughs did not guarantee a smooth running of the screening, with the film grinding to a halt not once but two times. Luckily everyone was in good humour and on a third attempt it played.
Always heartening to hear people laughing along to a film you have made, often in places you expect and sometimes in places you had never picked up on.

It was fantastic to see everyone who came. I suppose the one downside to these events (if it can be called a downside) is that there are so many people there that it means you don't get to chat to anyone fully. It was gutting for example not to be able to have a proper catch up with our lead cast Will Smith and Ben Willbond to hear how everything was going with them (this is something I will right soon enough, as suggested lunch to have a chat and say thank you to them for their hard work and performances).

I would like to once more thank absolutely everyone who came to see our little comedy and gave us heart warming feedback.

Next challenge is a festival and promotion meeting with Rob and fellow producer Emily Smith on Saturday 18th to discuss approved stills, press packs and extended submission plan.

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