Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Beginning

Let me start with a quick introduction. I am Michael Beddoes. I am 24 years of age. I hold an undergraduate degree in Journalism for the University of Lincoln. And I want to be a film producer.

Since I can remember, I have wanted to work in television or film, but due to advise given while still at school, I was discouraged from taking this career path.

As the undergraduate degree came to a close, the urge and need to make movies or TV started to creep back in.

Two years later, after working for the Student's Union at the University of Lincoln, a few people who knew me well commented that the skills earned during my degree and time at the S.U. would set me up well for a career in producing.

Another six months has passed, many books have been read (including the excellent 'Raindance Producers Lab' by Elliott Grove), many web pages viewed and various industry people spoken to.

In trying to reach my dream career, I have applied to various posts and taken on a few opportunities to expand my experience. This blog was the idea of one of my former journalism tutors, documenting the journey, whether that be a successful one or not.

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