Thursday, 29 January 2009

"Who Killed Randall?"

Its funny how quickly things happen.

After scouring the internet for placements and opporunities for what seems like an age, I was starting to get jaded.

That was until I received an e-mail from Benedict Sampays. Benedict is a director who has produced short films on both 16mm film and digital formats, as well as recently completing his first 16mm feature. I answered his advert looking for producers and assistants on industry website offering any help I could.

The e-mailed asked if I was free for a phone interview to do with helping with his next feature, which has the working title of Who Killed Randall?

The phone interview also took a turn for the surprising. After discussing the project, budgets and any ideas I had for the projects, Benedict offered me a position as a full producer. This will mean budgeting, scheduling, casting, hiring crew and organising the logitics of the shoot. There will also be the role of marketing, organising festival screenings and atempting to sell to a distributor both the new project and Benedicts last feature Queen of the Forest (now in post production).

In return I will be entitled to phone calls and petrol used on the shoot, food during the shoot paid for and 10% of any profit from the hopeful sale of the film.

The film will be low budget (although the official term for any production under $100,000 is no budget), coming in at between £10,000 and £40,000, which all depends on the level of equipment selected and the outcome of potential investment.

But right now, in the space of a day, I have officially become a film producer!

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